Hello! We are Paul and Val. We both love Ales, and Paul was a pub landlord for a few years. That's when he started collecting pump clips, and the collection kept growing and growing, even after he left the pub (in fact it's still growing, to a certain extent!). Whilst trying to decide what to do with them, Paul came up with the brilliant idea to turn some of them into clocks and sell them in our shop. The response has been fantastic, our customers' feedback  invaluable, and hence this website came into fruition, which allows us to offer our customers a much wider range of pump clip clocks than we would be able to display in our shop. Now, that's what we call unusual and useful recycling...!

After 7 years of trading, we have decided to close down Oggie's Cards and Gifts and concentrate on our online businesses. You can still purchase a selection of our products from this website. Click here for the Oggie's Cards and Gifts page.

Oggie's Cards and Gifts
c/o Birchwood Drive
Cumbria LA12